Using CPA to make $$$

Can anybody recommend a preselll/landing page plugin or software (questionaire type) than acts acts as a bridge between your url instgram link and the cpa offer itself? I see a lot of people using a questionaire type of software or plugin where you answer a few questions before being sent to the offer. I hear those convert cold traffic the best but I have only found presell crusher that does it and it is $67 and i am not even sure it is still available.

i don’t think that’s a software, it’s an actual web page, if you saw one online, just click save as and save it on your computer, edit it the way you like and try to upload it somewhere else and see if it works, depending on the landing page most work, some won’t…

it’s not exactly whitehat but from what I saw many people in the CPA business rip each other’s landing pages. There are even a couple of services that ask a lot of money per month ( over $100) to only show your the landing pages others are using for certain keywords.

thanks but i mean the landing pages where you click on an answer then a new question comes up. not a solid page that just has pictures or words.

You will have to build it yourselves or hire someone to build it for you if you don’t know coding.

Ive searched high and low yet i cannot find one thats a questionare type so i asked my bro who’s expert in coding and he did it in 15 minutes. Though he’s not into this kinda stuff.

What you need is a way to “onclick to to next page”, you can either put everything in one page or multiple pages. Using typical landing pages and modify a little things here and there.

you can save some of those pages as well, just try it…

yes but it’s not that simple. there is code that you need. just taking sreenshot of the page won’t work.

HTTRACK is a good solution to steal landing pages

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There’s a better option for anyone who’s into visual stuff. Forgot to mention in my earlier post. If you’re level 2 you can see it.

I have no access to this section :frowning:


i dont have access to view that link

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The code is Javascript, so it will be saved when you rip the lander. Those landers look like they are real surveys, but they are actually just showing/hiding content when the user answers a question - they don’t save answers and the answers don’t make a difference to their behvaiour. Just use some software to download the LP then go through the HTML and make sure you remove all the links/redirects to the original owner’s affiliate links before using it.

little too complicated for me. i have not much computer skills. how do you rip a lander?

that is the type of thing i am talking about. not sure if we can post links here but this is the example of what i would like to use.

read what i said again. I never said to make a screenshot, of course an image wouldn’t work. I said to go to your browser menu, click file, click save as and save the actual page on your computer. Open up the files that you saved, edit them the way you like and use that. IT WILL save all you need on most landers. If you don’t know how to do this though, i doubt there’s a software that would help, you need at least basic skills of html and css editing if nothing else.

PS: just tested it on the above page that you posted and it’s working up to a point…

SiteSucker is a good ripping tool. check it out

google presell crusher. you can find a few videos on it on youtube too. check it out and tell me what you think. seems much easier than ripping off other peoples pages which also seems more time consuming too.