Using Facebook in JARVEE

I have a question. I am using jarvee to operate Facebook. When I used the Finder tool to query Facebook groups, I found that the matching results were not what I wanted.
For example, the keyword I wanted to query was Devon Rex

and the results matched me. The group is like this (see the picture)

I don’t understand what’s wrong with this function. I think this is a relatively basic function. Do you have this situation?

I just searched “devon rex” and got 62 groups. Try and search in the facebook account itself and see what results are coming up. I tried with devon rex and not Devon Rex. Dont know if that makes a difference

tried with devon rex, Do the search results match??

It seems you have clicked on the “Extract local sale groups” button. You should click on the “Extract groups” button.

Click on BROWSE EMBEDDED to open the embedded browser and see what’s happening when the tool is trying to find groups from your keywords.

lol thanks very much I don’t seem to see this button :rofl:Thank you so much

Was it better when you clicked on Extract groups button instead?

Yes, I clicked the wrong button before, I clicked the sale group button below, now it can be used normally. Thanks

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That’s great to hear :smiley:

haha thanks
very much