Using FB Poke to direct attention to account?

Can Facebook pokes be effective forms of promotion, or for directing attention to your account? What can they be used for?

I’ll be using some accounts which are purely for event and branding promotions (with some promo materials visible on the accounts, e.g. cover photo, bio, some wall posts). Could that be a good context for simply drawing attention to the account for the sake of branding/exposure?

I’ve also just realised that pokes can only be done to friends or friends of friends, so the idea of getting attention by poking non-friends is not possible. Still, is there any promotional value to pokes?

Might use this tactic in real life, just poke 'em till they buy hahaha! :smiley:

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Haha, that’s very funny!

Unfortunately I think they’ll sooner unfriend you :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok but you can only do one poke if your friend don’t poke you back, you can’t do that again or im wrong?


Not too sure. That would make a lot of sense if it’s set up that way. I’ll look into that.

Seems like there’s no real value to this as far as a promotions tactic.

Sorry to ask a noob question,what poke means?:joy:

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If you have to ask you’re not old enough to know yet :wink:
Just kidding, it’s not that…

Just some sort of silly feature that Facebook has where you can ‘poke’ your friends. From what I recall it just sends a notification that your friend has ‘poked’ you and then I guess people can engage in back and forth poking each other. My guess is kids use it the most as a method of flirting. Maybe there is more to it though :stuck_out_tongue:

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