Using instagram to aid with selling t-shirts

Hi all,

I have been on the merch by amazon platform for a couple of months now and sell a few t-shirts here and there. If you know anything about the “stages” of the MBA (merch by Amazon) platform. When you sell so many t-shirts you get tiered up to be able to sell more. A rough example is:

In your first tier, Tier 10 you can put up 10 designs.
Once you sell 10 t-shirts (it could be just one design you sell 10 times) then you can get up to tier 25.
In tier 25 you can upload 25 shirt designs and when you sell 25 shirts (again, could be over one or two shirts) then you get tiered up to Tier 100.
At 100 you can sell 100 and when you sell 100 shirts you go to tier 500.
This goes onto tiers 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000.

So, I have sold over 25 and am allowed to design and sell 100 shirts. You do find that organic traffic and keyword research helps sell shirts because Amazon is huge. However, I want to take it to the next level.

So, I’m thinking of starting an instagram account, or just re-using an aged one with a few hundred followers and growing a large American fan base. The reason for American is because MBA is currently only available in the USA, although I hear there are beta testers in Europe.

If you was to set up an instagram account to help sell shirts how would you do it?

I’m thinking of creating a website and having the link to that website in my bio. The website will have all my shirts there and link them directly to Amazon where people can buy them. However, my shirts are across various niches.

Therefore I am thinking about making a general account full of memes, quotes, the odd shirt thrown in there etc. I would use big American accounts and even some niche American accounts as my follow and like sources.

Do you think this is the right way of going about it?


Niche down, don’t go too general on your ig accounts/merchant designs, the more specific you can target potential customers the better. If this means having 100 small different accounts for 100 different niches then that’s better one gigantic account with no specific niche in mind and random designs thrown up on it


Yeah you are probably right. I guess the whole random account is an easy route for me, hence why I was considering it

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I think using instagram is more useful and cheap. Because you don’t need seo, ads, writing, etc. Just create stuning photo, if you have small budget, just buy instagram template from creativemarket.


Yo G are you desgin those t shirt or u just promote them?
if you do desgin, mabye make a kick ass brand and start on instagram, and scale it up like a G
if you promote those t shirts from amazon so you can make a fashion instagram profile
something stylish
and put some work into it ,be creative and stuff
good luck blood

I do design them all myself yes. However at the moment they are quite simple, text based designs with the odd graphic.

The idea of a brand sounds like a plan for the future. I do need to learn more advanced design stuff instead of the “keep calm and etc etc” - no I don’t do the keep calm ones!

yo blood. instagram is just a social photo sharing platform
who ever will use it right, will learn benefits

i think you should make your self a official name just for the kicks
and start promoting on instagram, my thought
but if you have your own vision and you believing, so stick with it
good luck G

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Thanks! I think that there are a few angles I can take.

Niche down and grow a dedicated audience.
Build a brand.
Go general and dilute.

Yep. That is a good way to go. I think it’s best if you do something small/specific and then when it gets big enough you can spread it to other platforms and continue to grow