Using Jarvee and your IG App together

Boris here!
I am looking for a way to use my IG accounts in Jarvve and also on my phone with my Instagram App. Why? Because I would like to be able to check on my phone/IG App the DMs, post a pic and edit my profile spontaneously for example.

What are the possibilities?

  • Jarvee connects to my 4G proxy
  • My phone connects to the same 4G provider
  • Never performing actions at same time

But, can we share between Jarvve and the IG App…

  • the same User Agent?
  • their cookies?
  • same IP address?
    Anything else that IG tracks?

Open to any ideas or suggestions,

the easiest way is enabling night mode in Jarvee. Set the night mode to the time you usually do actions manually on your phone.

You can import APi cookies to Jarvee, but i guess it’s a complicated process. I don’t know what app you can use to export cookies from ig app.

Also only Android phone UA works in J.

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Thanks for the Nightmode idea :+1: That will show IG that there are 2 different devices logging in, which is actually OK.

But… Is there a way that IG does not see them as two separate devices?

Anyone? :thinking::blush: