Using Jarvee as a name checker

I have seen some code for an Instagram account name checker but I’m useless at code and couldn’t get it to work.

So, I’m wondering if I can use a blank account and follow a list of ‘madeup’ names to see if jarvee follows them. If jarvee gives an error than it means its not a name, if followed then it is already taken.

What are your thoughts? Or is there an easier way to do this?

This is mainly for mass reprofiling of accounts.


You can add the usernames as follow sources and if they pop up with 0 followers then there is a good chance they don’t don’t exist. you can extract and delete all account with value > then 0 nr followers. Best way I can think of with jarvee. Or you can use his python code here
But might wanna make sure you don’t look up for 200+ username with same ip because will be flagged so you can rotate proxys.

Yeah thats the code I already tried but didn’t work. Ive never used phython and just followed the instructions.
Just gave me an error.

Have you used that code?

Yeah that was kind of my plan for jarvee or at least add to sources as see if jarvee would follow them.

But yeah, can go one step before and jarvee will load followers in the sources tab or if it goes to 0 than its not an account.
Good thinking. Ill try that.

Thats what you meant aye?

No sadly didn’t try the code just looked it up for you. For jarvee sources you don’t need to follow at all. As soon as you add the sources it will show you the amount of followers the accounts haveUntitled If you click there it will put the 0 at the top or bottom and you can delete manualy all values over 0 or can just export in excel and do that way faster.

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Yeah I thought of that in your first message. Great thinking. Thanks alot! Way easier than code.

my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t think that works actually. Either that or it only comes up with valid accounts

oh the 0 followers accounts are valid? if so then u can use excel to compare value of valid accounts vs the whole list. Thoses that are not similare in both lists are the invalid I supose.

Nah I put 20 in and only 2 showed up. I assume the 18 are not taken then as I checked them manually after