Using jarvee deceased story views


hii friends
i have some strange problem
im using jarvee for a long time i grow from 4k to 18K in about half a year using jarvee doing follow/unfollow

but for some reason my story views barely growing i only have an average of 600 story viewer
and its very low i see alot of account haveing half of my followers and have 4× story’s views from me

i do some checked with 2 friend of my that uses jarvee and i see they having the same problem like me
having 10K+ followers tnx to the jarvee but a very low story’s viewers 400-800

someone know what i do wrong?

tnx in advance :pray:


It might not be related to jarvee but related to the follower increase.


i don’t understand
so its not ok to get biger ?
what can i do my friend
it’s possible to fix this problem ?


i don’t understand my friend if the follower amounts increase
the story viewer need to increase to no ? more followers = more people that see the story’s :roll_eyes:


that’s true. but also a longer timespan until everybody has checked instagram.


It can also depend on the quality of followers you are sourcing from. It depends if you choose to follow people who interact with the posts of the target account or just plain followers.


i think that Instagram know i use jarvee or IG group
and do something to low me impression
something like a shadow ban or something
because even if my followers is "not good followers "
from 18.2k i have to get more than 400 - 900 view
and i do some checked and this amount of story viewer is for a very small Instagram 2K-3K even 3k get more than 800 views :disappointed:


Do you interact with your followers at all. I know how your interact with followers determine where you show on their story feed and vice versa


I’ve seen this happen before, but I don’t think it’s tied to JARVEE. It’s mainly tied to the quality of the followers you are targeting.

Are they just following back simply because you followed them first, or are they truly interested in the content and the account?

Also, how many stories are you viewing on the account? If you start viewing more stories yourself, you will see the story view count also rise.


yes but something is not good i get about 100 new followers every day (and i using alot of filters )to get my specific audience and get alots of woman followers from my country (i have a jewelry page)
but the amount of story viewer is not increasing
when i didn’t use jarvee i was having about 3k and i get a 400-700 story viewer
now im 18+k and i get only 200 more in my best time


yes some of them interact with me

now after i see that the story views is not so good (befor a week ago)
i try to do something and some of that is to view more storys but for now it the same


It’s also possible that the algorithm pushes your account way back in your followers’ stories timeline


yes i think it something like that
what can i do to fix this thing?

because if i have 18K but only 500-800 story views
its like i have 3k :pensive: