Using Jarvee for Normal posting?

Hey, everyone! I had a question regarding Jarvee and was wondering if anyone can shed any light on this.

Used Jarvee some time ago back when you could follow over 1000 people per day and saw some decent results but currently experience much faster growth(4k per week) on theme pages that I am just posting 3x per day on manually.

I was wondering if Instagram can recognise the Jarvee programme itself because I had an idea of just setting up a ton of accounts and simply have them auto post viral content 3x per day much as I do on my mobile and then also auto commenting on others photos in order to use DM groups in auto pilot.

Can anyone tell me if the auto poster and auto comment are working without blocks at the moment?

Personally I have 0 interest in using follow/unfollow as I believe it hurts far much than benefits your account at the moment so I am just planning on auto posting for many accounts.

Thank you!

Auto repost works.

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