Using Jarvee to grow Facebook Accounts

Has anyone had any success using Jarvee to grow their Facebook accounts? Either personal or for clients.

Let’s get some chatter going in regards to settings, strategies, sources, limits etc…

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Yes, it works well but differently than on IG… Start with joining groups related to your niche, post helpful info, then start sending friend requests to group members. In a nutshell, that still works to target a niche on FB. I have better success using FB to generate leads and income for the niche my clients are in them any other platform.

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I’ve hundred of accounts with Facebook and thousand of in a dead list. It’s profitable business and very less competition then instagram. But you need more information, I mean really more information.

Like if you join any Facebook group, and you post your any things without even a single link, then still you get a block directly, Why? because you’re spammer and you’ve not made any single comment/like on that group in first stage. you just made your first post without any other activity. So you need to find your own reason behind any block. No one talk about that on any community, since now you mostly see they are shift to instagram.

You also need to do some manual action, I mean lot’s off because Jarvee can’t fill the group answer automatically when you try to join it, yes there are lot’s of quality group need sincere answer before you join their community. So there are lot’s of thing to do before you get some fruit.

What are you using to extract people to target since Facebook Graph Searches are stopped?

Jarvee have module to extract members from any group/page.

Yeah okay, so just by groups only, you didn’t do Graph Searches

Jarvee use browser automation like selenium and automatically scroll the group members list and scrape their names + their user ID’s. And once you’ve their userid, later you can send them a friend request or DM. It’s works on some niche, but not in most of the cases.

Yeah, I don’t use Facebook graph API for anything.

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Which module are you referring to? Any extractions I do nowadays are with URLs that no longer work because of the Facebook change.

hi pls help i read a topic that the growth of a facebook page with groups is dead and when you post any post from your page to facebook groupe he will not generate any like or comments because facebook changed their algorithm in 14 th juin is this true pls help me