Using Jarvee to repurpose blank slaves into authentic looking theme-pages?

Is there any automated method to repurpose a bunch of slaves at once through Jarvee? I despise using the embedded browser function and it always takes me so long to manually reconfigure something as simple as a profile picture.

I used to just pay people on r/slavelabour to reconfigure them for me but with the new added regulations, I now have to wait 72 hours before I can assign the same task. I need something a bit more reliable but won’t be a massive time drain. I only really need to post about 9 carousel publications, a few story highlights and name/profile picture/bio/link for maybe about a dozen accounts at once or so. Anyway that is possible to automate for greater efficiency?

Yeah all that can all be done already in Jarvee no?

Bulk edit custom tokens & edit with spin options for bio, profile pics, link etc. Then a campaign(s) to repeatedly spit out the 9 posts. I know cause I also did a similar theme page army a while back - you may just have to do an hour or two of research & setup, then it’s auto churn after that if done right.

Only thing is maybe you’ll have to do the highlights manually? I’ve never tried to do that in bulk so idk

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I used to reprofile using API, but it seems the last time I did that the accounts got Captcha. Even a HQ number lead to 24 hour review, so at the moment we reprofile manually with EB. Sucks but it is what it is.

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Yep that’s precisely the issue I’ve always had as well. Oh well…

Hire a VA from Upwork that can get this done very quickly & for cheap. Currently our best option :confused:

How much do you typically pay your VA?

How exactly does one edit custom tokens? In the csv file, it says “custom token// one token per line” but what exactly do I put in there? Where do I find the format for as to what a custom token even looks like?

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