Using LeadPages for landing pages. Using same url

I use LeadPages to creating my opt-in pages (squeeze pages). Now when I create a page, the url of LeadPages is include in the link and so is my unique url followed by a /WhateverIWantToTypeHere. So I have the ability to type in whatever I want after the forward slash but the url before that is always the same (example) or

So since I build all my landing pages with LeadPages, everything before the / will always remain the same. I know a lot of ppl here say don’t keep the using the same domain in all of my url bio’s but I have no choice. Now i do always shorten the link with google or bitly, or use pretty link plugin to change it but i will still technically always have the same root domain in the url which is the LeadPages url. Should I worry about that with Instagram?

I’d say yes, that’s a dead giveaway, to have the same domain like that for all urls. Using google or bitly helps in no way, some even say it makes it worse. Just think that other people might use the same domain like you do and if someone does some hard spam or something stupid you could have all your accounts banned and not even know why.

That’s how I see this, others may go at it differently, in which case they’re free to weigh in with their experiece :slight_smile:

You should check out @Adnan’s post on how to use the same link to all of your IG
How to use same link on multiple profiles and avoid Instagram detecting it

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Yes I did check that out but those google plus pages will never get the conversion that a LeadPages opt-in page would get hence why I want to stick with that. Plus it’s sort of a pain in the butt especially if google plus sees it as spam then deletes it. Your landing page you built on LeadPages is yours forever. It just really doesn’t seem like most ppl on here are collecting emails. It’s all cpa which I really don’t understand risking your account to get a $1 for an email submission.

I find its wayyy easier to collect someones email thru a landing page I build then getting them to submit it to some cpa offer anyway. Now the $40 products they have on the cpa networks I understand promoting but the $1 email submits seems like chasing pennies to make dollars.

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I agree that capturing emails will be more profitable in the long run, and correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe Leadpages’s domain will have more weight even if it’s used multiple times than an unknown domain because a lot of people use them. Nathan Chan mentions that he uses it in his Instagram Domination Course. So it makes sense if Instagram sees the domain being used regularly since more than one person would subscribe to using LeadPages.