Using LIKE COMMENT tool to counter FOLLOW-BLOCK growth decline

Hey guys!

Since the recent change and new limitations on follows, I have been trying to supplement growth by cranking up actions with the like comment and viewing stories tool.

Right now, I’m liking 200 comments per day and viewing 75 stories per day. I know this is probably conservative but since these tools are new to me I wanted to start out slow.

I was curious if anyone else had experience using these tools and what type of settings are known to be safe?



As far as I know you can view unlimited stories without any issues. I even know a few russian providers that are selling a software that allows you to view 20 million stories per day.

If I find the link, I will post it here


Sounds great but what’s the purpose of it? I doubt you gain any followers from viewing stories

I don’t even think you can make 20 million request to a day. i.e. if you do 1-3 requests to per second and you will get an ‘error: try again later’ message within the hour

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I never really understand how liking comments generates growth. Do you like comments on your own account or those of target account? It just seems a bit odd to my to like comments on someone elses posts, unless they’re hilarious or very well put. But what if it’s just a random comment or maybe even spam?


Well, you can. Try It and tell me your results haha

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my guess is that the commenter gets a notification on their app and may come check out your profile and may follow if they end up liking what they see. So it will only work with comments on other people’s posts (if someone comment on your posts, they already seen your profile) and probably commenters without a lot of followers (otherwise the notification would get buried quickly).


Yes, liking comments of the same sources you use for the following tool is how I have been using it to drive more views to my profile. It’s similar to the like tool but without getting annoying blocks.


There is a comment like per hour limit too. Once I tried to like all the comments under my last post manually and got temporary blocked. lol


From my personal experience I have always been using it to make the accounts look more human but so far the results are very poor compared to follows and likes!!!

Answering Stories after viewing could be more effective :wink:

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it’s not about the FBR, it’s about being know, people view your profile, look more humanized and maybe convert into sales… I’m using it exactly like @Tradewolf, to look more human as you normally like comments when is interesting to you.

Also people see your notification and check your profile, I’ve feedback from a client that got a new sale from someone who see they like their comment it’s not a everyday situation but it can happen.

Maybe they will not follow you but can ask about your pricing, why not? The tool is there for something, I’ve always tried to use the most possible of what I have in my hand to work with, the thing is to looks more human possible, 200 like comments per day is too much in my opinion I never go above 110 and think is too much already .

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It’s a great tool and very useful for retaining engagement. Liking comments encourages followers to continue interacting with your content. One thing to note is that the notification only appears IF they’re following you (otherwise they have no idea you liked their comment).


Thank you for this information :slight_smile: I didn’t even knew it, so this explain why it is not really very effective to grow accs!!

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Just to clarify… I’m not using the LIKE COMMENT tool to like comments on my own posts. I’m liking the comments of people who have not yet been exposed to my profile yet… to me, it’s almost as equivalent to liking their photos… send a similar notification and gets them to check out your page. I have been getting follows from it…

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@jssnoopy - I hear what you’re saying and it would be amazing to get that notification.
It doesn’t matter what post you like the comment on (yours or some other account) the notification doesn’t come through if they’re not following. Just tested again and can confirm no notification came through.

Ahh, just ran a quick test and @tradwolf is right… there goes my great idea. Damnit.

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Thank you but credits go to @shaneblay1
You can use reply to comments after like this may trigger some reactions :wink:
Personally, I prefer to reply to stories :smile:

Replying to stories may be interesting… not sure how authentic it would come off if the messaging didn’t make sense or align with their story… but maybe you could be generic with some emojis to play it safe. I may try this… I need to figure out something to boost growth.

That is not true. It’s a setting under notifications->comment likes. But maybe the setting is not even working.

I just tested it with 2 accounts not following each other. mytraveldiary2017 got a comment like notification even though it’s set to off in settings.

the two accounts are not following each other


@hw711 - Doesn’t seem to be the case over here. Tested additional 2 accounts with the same outcome.