Using many domains on single webhosting for ig

Hi iam planning on scaling up my buisness and i have 2 websites that is hosted on a single namecheap account/one hosting plan. Just wonder how many addon domain you can have before insta catches up, do they see the same ip on all my domains?

OR do i have to buy hosting somewhere else so i get a new ip and can host a couple more domains.
Currently using 5 ig profiles linking to one domain.

Sorry for my bad english, have a nice day

I don’t think they go that deep and check where domains are hosted.

The most important thing is to avoidbusing same domain on multiple accounts.

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Thanks for the info, some people overspeculate about the infamous ig crawlers lol.

If you host with companies like Namecheap there are maybe already hundreds or thousands of others with the same IP.

If you really want to hide where your website is hosted you can always use Cloudflare.

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