Using mass accounts a crime or not?

Hello I sell grey zone services and use hundreds of accounts promoting my business through Jarvee.
I link my landing pages (.com domains) which then lead to my main page

I know its kinda platform manipulation.
Is the only risk to get banned and accounts shut down?
Or any more risks?

If you say what you do on the site then yes you can be found out. But if you don’t list the growth methods then its fine. Also depends what country you are in and how easy to search your page is.

Ive seen some pages get shut down fast while others seem to always stay up.

I mean, the mass accounts all have same domain (I only use a few domains for hundreds of accounts)…it looks spammy for others, they get autofollowed etc… Is it just against twitter policy or is it also illegal by law?

Yeah do you have a multi link for every single one or has everyone got a different landing page not on your domain?

I don’t know if your domain will get hit but your accounts can get easily linked and taken out. Especially with Elon starting up his bot hunting.

If you use something like linktree and don’t spam in a way that pisses people off it should he fine. On Instagram they probably would have banned the accounts along time ago if they shared the same domain.