Using multiple account names for the same company?


I’m setting up IG botting to advertise a few of our eCommerce ventures. Will use unique bio’s but how to go about the account name? Is it enough if I add use the same name but use different emoticons in it?


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Good question. i have been doing things differently personally… im using a fake name generator. but for ecommerce such as niche specific such as outdoor sports, tactical, dogs, cats and stuff… what would be a good set up. @Adnan

I don’t think it is a good idea to use the same name but make it unique with emoticons.
Best to do is be creative and create unique niche usernames

Not sure how much it matters, there are probably a lot of names that are similar with a few variations. What you need to avoid is using the same url on all profiles.

@Johnny, I do agree with keeping the URL (links) that you are promoting across all the other accounts.

having a profile that goes along with that specific niche your building that audience to such as niche brands or company name or organization (community) i.e. Dog Lovers Club, this is entirely without of any issue?