Using my own Emails from Domain?


When I buy Instagram Accounts I like to change the E-mail for security reasons, My questions is now because i have a lot of Websites and my own Domains, how Instagram would look at this when I create my own mails with my Domain for thousands of Accounts would that be a problem because I don’t use any big provider?

No, go ahead.

If you use unique domain email on each account, I see no issue with that as most business also use that approach.

Yet, it should be like this:

so on and so forth.

If you just use 1 domain and create lots of email credential with 1 domain using on more IG, it should be an issue.


Thank you, yes i Talk about only 1 Domain

I’ve personally found that when I created 10/20 accounts all with the same domain within the email they required a lot more ‘warming up’ had to do a couple confirmations holding the instagram username up on a piece of paper.

I’ve just stuck with gmails since then and had no issues.

So the Big Mail providers are the better choice to make it look more real. Thank you