Using Phones as 4g proxy?

Hello Family,

For the last 6 months I’ve been learning from you about JV, as for the last 4 years I used other tools for automation.
I’ve searched and learned a lot from this forum, possibly reading every post about creating your own 4g proxy, using raspberry, dongles etc.
As I’m still on very basic level when it comes to software/ coding I have a question:
If I connect 10 phones to an USB Hub and this Hub will be connected to a laptop creating 10 ethernet connections will JV be able to use all those 10 connections to perform actions simultainously given each phone is dedicated to 5 accounts (both on JV and on the phone)?
Do I still need CCproxy to convert those connections to put them into the JV?
I’m sure this is some basic level stuff for those who use the program but I’m trying to understand how I need to prepare before launching it.
Thanks in advance!


search for allproxy here. I think it does this work pretty well (one proxy per phone)
see this thread for example: How can I create my own 4G proxies?

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Thank you for pointing that out, I already went through that topic aswell but I have a reason to use only iphones (already found a way to half-automate actions via iphone as a backup plan in case JV gets any issues)
After reading all those topics from A to Z I still don’t understand why some people say: buy dongles, point CCProxy to them, voila
Some say that Raspberry is a must and it handles up to 7 dongles, and some highly respected people on this forum say it’s almost impossible to succeed. Is there any reason to use raspberry if you don’t plan using VPS? Stability issues?

yeah you can definately use an android phone but it won’t be cost efficient. Ccproxy ain’t needed but a good android app proxy would be needed. An app like A hub would work but it would be hard to code and even I don’t know how to do this properly.

Your response does not have any sense, I understand that you are posting everywhere about everything because you want to get to level 2 fast, but at least read what you are responding to. You provide no value to this forum at all in most topics.

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