Using proxy from for my Instagram account


Hello Friends,
I am using proxy from for my Instagram account since a week, is it ok, cause their proxies are the cheapest?

Thank you


You don’t want cheap russian IPV6 proxies, trust me on that.


I can’t understand what you mean by?


what he means is russian addresses are either blocked, crippled or worse – monitored by the NSA. Avoid them for the health of of your account. Any other place in the world but there!


IPV6 done right can be good, but proxies that cost pennies are likely not going to be done well. They will also be on crappy spammy IP’s that are abused as heck.

Spent at least $1 or two for half decent proxies. But at the same time, they are your accounts and if it’s working for you, then it works for you.


If you want to get your accounts disabled then use them. I already had a nice experience with them :joy:


Hi dude! I tried to use much of their proxies and 90% led to PVs, i still have some IPs from there which im renewing because they are okay, but the biggest part of them is shit. Im from Russia btw so i contacted their support many times, they sell RU proxies from /48 subnet and the other ones is from /64 subnet that means like a lot of users have the same IP as you. Highly recommend not to use them.