Using scraper. mother acc still get TEMP BLOCK. what should i do?

Lol ive been doing this for over a year and let’s say some have more than 30 accounts running on it.

If you are smart and know how to mimic human interactions you can do what you want. I get a few follow blocks a day over 140 accounts and have had zero captcha, email or phone validations in over 6 months. I think I know what I’m doing.

I would suggest no one mimic me as I have set every single account up in a specific way. I just don’t play by the rules and find what works for me.

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I wasn’t trying to undermine you or anything like that it was just an observation that I shared, and of course, everyone does what works for him, at one point this year I had accounts that were doing 400 follow/unfollow a day and I had 0 issues so I know the fact that general rules do not apply in all case, good luck my friend

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yeah basically, if you can’t keep them alive for a long period of time it will be better to use them that way.

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That’s exactly the point. Each account is unique and each requires a different approach. You can’t just say this is a good method I will use it on all my accounts. You gotta find the winning formula for each of your accounts.

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Lol @heroeslair I get that you run 20-30 acc per same proxy and that you are playing “smart with it”, but is it worth being “smart with it”? that’s my big concern. Mostly people here want to do Follow/Unfollow, and then here’s your smart ass showing off with 20-30 accounts per proxy :joy:.

Question is, does your method of “running different tools” on the accounts while using the same proxy also brings in results? Because as I said, most people here just want to run the same most efective growth strategy know on instagram and the same settings on all accounts which is follow/unfollow method IN ORDER TO GET Results. I find no efficiency in running 20-30 accounts all running different tools just for the sake of it and proving to myself that it works and I can trick IG but without actually growing the account and scaling up followers relatively quickly…

I mean I get you but is it Efficient? Are you gaining followers/Results or are you just playing with it for the sake of beating the algorithm with no real Results… People here need Results rather than just playing around and wasting time. :grinning: Just my 2 cents.

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Lol well the biggest efficiency is cost isnt it?

If you actually knew how to run a m/s setup then you would know that slaves do f/uf and when you have hundreds of accounts then it will cost you a lot of money running a small amount of accounts on a proxy. Then you add in scraping, specific users and then jarvee and you make no money. It costs more to run your setup than you charge.

I have 140 accounts that all do f/uf but they all run at different times, different amounts, have different tools added to the mix. They all do 150+ follows a day and 20+ dms a day and my cost is kept minimal. (SCRAPING IS COSTLY ATM)

I wasn’t being a smart ass. I am just saying that people love to lie on this forum and sugar coat shit. The only way to make things happen is to think outside of the box.

I get at least 5 people a week asking me to consult them on m/s and these are people that run big agencies on this forum. I however don’t share my secrets. This should show that I know my stuff.

But, when I do give advice it is always truthful. I can prove it to you and show you how many errors ive had on all accounts vs how many follows ive done in 6 months.

I am letting people know they can run a lot more accounts if they are smart and can act like a human.

Before you get jealous and snap at people. Learn to pick your battles. I’ve probably been doing this a lot longer than you and I know I am better at using jarvee than you based on your ignorance.

*Btw most people use jarvee for m/s not follow/unfollow and most people that do m/s successfully do not post often on this forum unless its related to them. Its a very busy job and very competitive.


It’s allgood. I’m just trying to get people to open there eyes abit and think outside the box. People don’t need to copy everyone.

That is how Instagram figures things out and makes a fix to stop us. The guys that can succeed make their own rules by testing what works as you said.

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yeah that’s accurate, IG recognize similar stuff in a blink of an eye and they stop every account doing the same so in some cases we get our self caught by IG

@heroeslair My take is, it’s not worth it. Jarvee is way past it’s bedtime. Been there done that it was awesome, I know how M/S works and I also followed your big Mega thread, what I’m trying to point out with Jarvee is, instead of things becoming easyer, it became a whole package of complicated things and settings, some working against each other. It’s a big pack of mess. For instagram on the other hand it’s simple, they’ve just put some algorithms in place to beat it. Jarvee you should reinvent yourself, like everybody else, or lose. It’s simple, yet so complicated, I know. That’s life, welcome to the real world, we all struggle. Want to be a thing once more? Reinvent yourself.

Regarding MS, it’s not for everyone, it’s just ok for a few niches. You do realise that the rest of us still grow and have best results only with the classic follow/unfollow from main. Most niches that can profit from MS are oversaturated on instagram, food, fitness etc. Sure they grow, but what about the rest of us? Tried MS in Jarvee myself, it’s horrible for my niche :+1: + the amount of stress and time wasted on it, just not worth it. That’s why basic F/U is and remains the Mother of automation on IG for me and others like me în smaller niches. Because it works for everyone and everyone does it, and IG cant and won’t punnish you bigtime just for that because again, any kid that starts a fan page or a meme page goes out and does F/U.

If anyone from jarvee is reading this, just make a separate minimalist tool that does all the random mimic-ing and everything technical that you’ve learned so far on the new algorithm. Add to it, F/U tool, Like tool, comment ING tool. I would definitely subscribe to that instead of the whole nobody knows pack full of complicated things that jarvee currently is…

No hard feelings and not being an arogant, just my thoughts on the matter, don’t take it personal, it’s just my oppinion, if u don’t like it, that’s fine buddy :+1:

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The thing you forget about follow/ unfollow is that you risk getting your account banned.

I have a 165k page I grew organically. Only used f/uf to 10k and then the posts went viral.

M/s can grow 1000 followers a day. There is no way f/uf can do that and it looks terrible when an account over 10k tries to do it.

Have you actually hired someone that is good at m/s to do it for you? Or maybe your page is just bad?
M/s should work on most niches. Its only follow/unfollow on slaves.

And jarvee is actually working well for me. I have no issues outside of scrapers dying. But that is an instagram thing as they changed the api limits. It happens when you use a bot to scraper too.

So, maybe your jarvee issues are your lack of understanding and not jarvee. I have had zero accounts disabled, verifications etc in over 6 months. They work well. Atm I’m trying to figure out a way to make scraping cheaper.

You don’t sound arrogant you sound ignorant. Maybe if you worked more on jarvee instead of debating people
you would have a bigger page and be more successful.

Food for thought. Anyway, ill leave you to your demise. Good luck!

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Then people probably needs to test things harder, because no one is going to spoon feed them with the current hardcore meta

Thing is, clicking on “play tool” was easy back in the days (2018/2019), but really isn’t enough to get results nowadays :weary:

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Btw @denis1 is one of those m/s wizards that grow accounts like crazy and has helped me a lot.

A lot of guys on here run huge businesses doing m/s.

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If you’ve been taking a LOT of actions lately with the accounts and sending too much traffic, yes you could get blocked. Temporary blocks are easy to recover, I guess you should be alright after a couple of hours or so.

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scraper have 120, main have 30…
main only run 50follow+3repost /day is to much?
i still getting PV and EV for main acc. for scraper not get pv and ev… its normal?

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Are your scrapers setup right? Doesn’t seem right at all.
Should be the opposite