Using scraper. mother acc still get TEMP BLOCK. what should i do?

hi, i using scraper…20main acc + 40scraper… every main acc have 2scraper…
i got my main acc Temp Block Follow. what should i do? stop the tools for 24hour and continue or?
and its normal if my main acc still get Temp Block even using scraper? thanks

how old are the accounts? what email are you using? what proxy are you using?

temp blocks depend on multiple factors

all 20 accounts getting temp blocks?

main acc age 2-3year…
scraper buy from publicmarketplace.
main acc using gmail,,.etc
not 20. only 3-6 acc temp block.
i using EB for main.
api for scraper

anyone? i get many follow act block…try using EB and api same issue.

Did you warm up the tools or go straight to high amounts? What proxies are you using?

yes…its very low…age acc 3-4year…but very low settings.
try using api and EB. same issue. act follow block. i already stop 2days.when i start the tools get block again.
using 4G proxy private /10 main acc… 5 running at 11pm-10am and the other 10am-11pm

Have you got scrape using eb enabled on the main accounts?

Are your scrapers actually scraping? Is the main accounts scraping at all?

If its not scraping then its either the proxy is bad or the trust levels of the accounts are bad. Are they your accounts you aged or just bought online?

yes main acc using scraping from scraper.
not my acc.because its age acc and i build it from my cellphone.

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Is your proxy rotated?
As I know, IG will block based on IP (proxy) and the account (device id, cookie,…). If the proxy is not rotated. there are many action per 1 IP. This triggers IG blocks the account.

Aged accounts can still have bad trust scores. Have you been blocked or done any spamming on it in the past? have you put lots of different countries ips on it? are they all made from the same phone?
if they are clean then you may want to change your proxy provider or go lower ratio of accounts per proxy. If your experienced then you can run lots per 4g but if you are new to jarvee I suggest 5 max and see how it goes.

Its static proxy 4g my supplier proxy say it… rotates naturally. What is the best rotate time for 4gproxy? 5min or 30min?

humm, you can ask your provider what exactly rotate time? It’s up to you what time for rotating. For me, I set 1h for my main accounts and 15 min for scrapers. I am newbie and I am still testing and learning from this forum.

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My 4g proxies only rotate once a day and I have 10-20 accounts running. If one gets an action block the others don’t. I think he’s either doing too many similar actions at the same time, the proxies are crap or the accounts have bad trust scores/ linked.

Easiest way to check is for him to trial a different proxy provider and see if theres a difference. He has to re warm up on the new ip if its a different country though

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Wow… 1 proxy 4g run 20 main account? Rotate? Any tools block?

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Like 5 blocks over all my accounts. Every account I run is different though. I don’t add multiple accounts to one proxy at the same time. I run different tools etc

I think you are risking those accounts my friend, 20 accounts per proxy is a lot if you have good proxies and good settings I would suggest 10 max, better to keep them safe especially if everything is going smoothly and you have no issues.


You mean 10 acc max for scraper / main acc?
Because i use 4g. For scraper 16acc…4g proxy is very expensive…

hero is using the roration and he doesn’t use multiple accounts on one proxy at the same time, using his method I did recommend 10 accounts max, don’t use 4g for scrapers, just normal proxies should be fine and use 1 account per proxy, it will be much cheaper and if a scraper get blocked change it.

Like instantproxy? 1$/proxy/1 scraper acc? If scraper get block/banned. We just replace them with the new one right? AND for proxy?