Using sim cards to be safe or jarvee?

say if I wanted to use my iphone instead of jarvee and I got 1 sim card for each instagram account and then for some reason one of the accounts got shadow banned or banned completely would that affect my other sim cards at all or would instagram look at some weird number on my phone such as the phones IP address or the IMEI… can you help explain doing this so it can be done safely

So you have only 1 SIM card for all accounts?

Or 1 different SIM card for every account?

Are you using all your different SIM cards on the same iPhone? One by one when you need them?

The general idea is that you should strive to leave as little footprints as possible for your accounts, so IG can’t link them together.

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I have 1 SIM card for one account each and yes I’m using them on the same iPhone … is there a way they can still link all the accounts to my iphone

I would recommend you

It works perfectly without any problems.

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Yes, they can link every account that was opened with your iPhone…

It’s like using the same car with the same plate license but with different drivers…


So, from your post I understand you use a different SIM for each acc, so you have a phone with dual Sim, or you change your sim 5 times a day manually lol.

And you are wondering if one of your acc gets banned or “shadowbanned” (Shadowbans are BS in my opinion), will affect to the rest of your accounts.

Well you are using same device ID, so yes, they can be related. BUT, I had like 5 acc on my phone and one got banned, same IP (Sim card), and the rest didn’t get any collateral effects. SO, you are probably fine, and over complicating your life, instead of using Jarvee.


why are you spamming about speedifyverify, he’s not asking for a PV provider, just asking if it’s safe to use same phone to manage different accounts. Putting attention when reading is important.


Hey dude, sorry about that. I simply saw @asfgagasga’s comment and agreed

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I suggest him a solution to his problem because it’s more work to do it with a phone and not as safe as a PV provider.

  1. He doesn’t have a problem.
  2. Own sim is safer than any other PV services.
  3. Read well his questions
  4. Bye

I’m using one sim per account. whatever phone you use for reading the SIM doesn’t matter.

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how can you change the phones id when you put in another sim card

If you use it just to recive the SMS code, no, they can’t link them. If you create the accounts on the same phone that’s a different story.
If you want to be extra safe disable all internet connection or use a old phone. You’re fine.


Hey !

Of course its safe I have my own sims, I live in France and therefore a supplier sells free sims with 1-2 months of activation (“loyalty customer” story you know ^^) :innocent:

And I use speedyverify too, great service in the week they ayre available 24/24 !

I’m using 1 real sim per acct in an oldschool vodafone phone. Working fine for me most of the sims i buy last ages too some dated 2021.

Sim cards are safer, but a lot more expensive if you play with bulk accounts.

I have 2 account in 1 device ( this account was created from different device ID) with different SIM card for each account and now I’ve move it and using them on the same phone. Based on my experience, if one of my account got shadowbanned (read: caused by someone is being rude, reporting a picture of mine, and byee hastalavista) in fact, it doesn’t affect my other account in my phone.
And btw I do really wanna ask you guys, what will happened to my 2 account, is it safe for long term use (I’m Looking to move it into automation tool)? because I thought I had already left footprint (My IG account was created before I met you MPSocial. And now after I read some of this forum discussion, u know how anxious I am ) :sweat:
kermit :frog: