Using the EB vs API for FUF

So I’ve been using JV for awhile now and ever since that Big Crunch on actions I’ve only been using the EB as I remember the API was getting some blocks. Well recently JV says I’m getting temp blocks but I can still perform actions on my mobile without any issues. I’ve emailed support and they recommend that I run my FUF actions through the API. Anyone having good luck doing this? I am using scrappers to separate API calls but wasn’t sure of what they are recommending is actually a good idea. Thanks for the help!

Yes, your account should use API full emulation if the actions keep getting blocked on the embedded browser. Make sure you Re-Login Accounts from Social Profiles tab before restarting the tool. Most of the time switching to API solves the block issue. Are you running the main account on a proxy or home IP?

@ossi has the point. Most probably switching to API will help if you are able to do these actions from your phone. Also, if you are using proxy for the account, it’s possible that the proxy is flagged, since you are able to do these actions on your phone that uses different IP.