Using the same captions & pictures on multiple accounts

Hello all,

I was planning on scraping 500 images and making 500 captions for one niche, using 20 accounts. I’d then use this content for all 20 accounts. My only worry is that IG will find the footprints and ban all of my accounts. Does MP by any chance make each picture unique per account or will I have to use a hash tool to make the images unique?

Would appreciate any input. Cheers!

yes, just enable the unique images option, you do need the extra module if you don’t have it. Also make the captions spinned so the resulting text will be unique as well.

@Johnny Thanks for letting me know, @Johnny. Where can I get this extra module?

MP literally has everything in order to succeed :heart:

You can get the extra module through application, go to My Account > Extra modules and get Unique images module.

Before you start the campaign, go to campaigns Overview tab > Advanced settings and check the “Make images unique”


When i log into massplanner it doesnt have the unique inages modual in extra moduals section?!?

Do you mean it’s not there at all or it’s there but you have to buy it? Are you on standard, IG or Premium plan?

Premium. Its already added :joy::joy:

Getting my head around the system still only just got it.

I couldnt see where to post images (looking for the unique image box). But i can see its added in online module section.

Will be reading up on posting inages etc.


For repost tool, unique images is enabled by default, MP will make them all unique.

If you’re posting through campaign, then you need to enable it for that campaign. Click on your campaign, go to Overview tab > Advanced settings and turn on “Make images unique”. You can choose from three alternation levels (easy, medium and high). I would suggest you to leave it as it is - medium.


Thanks alot :+1:


@Adnan What’s the difference between the changes exactly?

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Good question. For my starter accounts I’m adjusting my photos manually. Rotate 4 degrees, blur, darken, crop, and resize. That might be overkill but I want to make sure my photos don’t get flagged and my account banned.

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