Using the same weblink multiple times

I wonder about if it is safe having multiple accounts leading to the same website.

Can Instagram’s algorithm discover this?

Does anybody have experiences with that?

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Of course they can, that’s the biggest footprint you can leave.

Don’t do that.

Check these:

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Thanks Adnan. So if you try to build an email list you foucs on one account only ?

No, you can use more account, but you’ll need to hide the fact that you’re sending them to same website.

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And how do you do that? With google+ ?

pre landers. It can be g+ or any other web 2.0

I like G+ posts :slight_smile:

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Thanks. That is new land to me. Is that described in the link you have shared?

yeah, first result when you visit that link.

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Ok, thanks. But lets say you have 10 accounts. How do you manage them? How can you post regularly on them?

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Instagram accounts?

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Yes, all Instagram

You’re LVL3 user and have access to all threads on forum. :slight_smile: how is possible that you don’t know how to manage and post to multiple accounts?


I guess I am still learning :grinning::ok_hand:

Do you think mp have to make a comeback?, we need it so badly, especialy for lvl 1 member like me. :joy:

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Unfortunately, no :slight_smile:


Or Did you and team planning to build software like mp.

I am using sendlane for landing pages. I can create multiple landing pages for each individual account.

Doesn’t that fix the problem having individual web links?

I just saw a new way to put links in your bio. When people press the link in the bio they will arrive on a page like this:

The free version is sufficient;

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Hi, that link isn’t working for me, is it gone now?

Looks interesting, I should try this out… but tomorrow… :slight_smile: off to bed now.[quote=“mwjwork, post:19, topic:23037, full:true”]
Hi, that link isn’t working for me, is it gone now?

worked fine for me.

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