Using Virtual Assistants To Gain Followers?

Do you guys think it would be a good idea to hire virtual assistants to create multiple accounts to advertise your IG? like mother slave method but with VA’s to do the job.

What else do you think they would be useful for and how much should you pay them?

Any experience regarding this?

A lot of them are paid hourly, but I think paying on results would really do the trick.

That can be the best thing you can ever do,this will also make sure that your slaves are operated by Humans and your child accounts would sustain longer.

Also to make it cheap,I would suggest that you should pay according to Following ‘x’ Users,posting a photo and these rates would be like 0.1$ for 100 follows,there are people who do it at these rates.

You would save money on proxies and no stress about the blocks and anything as far as your VA’s know the daily limits or you train them how to do it.

do you know where to find these people? thanks for the information mate

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Interested in this as well…

Just curious but who would follow 100 people for 0.1$?
That seems a little absurd to me


I’m curious if this would work too. The idea is intriguing but, there are some things to think about it:

  • What device will they use to create the accounts? If an account gets banned or you create a new one, how can you make sure the new accounts aren’t linked? Will you need a new IP?
  • Will you need proxies?
  • Will they do this on a computer/VPS/mobile device?
  • What happens when you get PV/EV?
  • Will they have good communication?
  • Will they also respond to comments/DM’s?
  • Will they be able to speak the same language as your audience?

These are all things you should consider because they will also dictate what other costs you will need.


People would,think about people who don’t have any earnings but I always say them to follow between 50-100 depending on the age of the account and it’s not always 100 if you are thinking like that.

You’ll be able to instruct them to do anything you want.

But the bottom line is: would it be financially viable hiring somebody for such tasks given that you don’t want social media management, but actually human-automation.

VA services can be found on the Public Marketplace
Also, Users like myself or @HenryCooper have access to such people from several locations :slight_smile:

Here’s your answer:-
1.They create all their accounts on a mobile phone and if the account gets blocked,they won’t get payed for it and this point makes sure that they do it properly as they are being payed on daily basis for their work.
2.They won’t need proxies and I won’t have any access to the account,I just know the account credentials and they will manage it.
3.Mobile Phone only
4.It’s their lookout as I already said if they want to get paid,they have to do it properly.
5.Yes I have a Whatsapp group with all of them to make sure everything is going smooth.
6.Yes they would but I pay them according to what they do in the whole day
7.Mostly audience is English so yes and if it’s some other language,they can’t communicate but they can do follow,unfollow and like as this doesn’t matter which language is it as far as they do the targetting right.

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Might be worth figuring out if you can test out both.

See how one set of VA’s do on Hourly
See how one set of VA’s do on Results.

Set up a similar rubric with the only changes noted above in payment.

Compare results.

Find your answer

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pm me with real prices and info.

how many accounts can a person make on their mobile phone? it seems a little limited, unless you have many va’s doing the same task, then the issue would be finding that many of them for a decent price.

I assign maximum 3 accounts to one VA and it’s not difficult to find cheap VA’s actually,it’s very easy but the tough part is when you have to convince them and get your results for the price you pay them.

Currently working with 9 VA’s for a client.

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Help me I will pay u

@schoko I’m interested in working with the people you know that have access to VA services. Please PM me when you get the chance. Thanks!

That’s exactly what I have been doing from last 2 years :sunglasses: I have around 200 Virtual assistants working for me , my team is from Pakistan which makes it extremely cheap they do actions on slaves for my m/s service .

I honestly don’t see how it would be an advantage using a VA over automating , you can do all those on auto pilot with better results than a person would ever achieve working 5h a day .

What exactly are you trying to accomplish that can’t be done using cheap accounts and Automation software ?