Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery


Great tutorial!

Anybody tried to make such proxies (using usb hub + 3g modems) under windows? (
Is it possible to make such proxies based on min few 3g modems and use bot on the same pc?


You can also install 3proxy for Windows. It works fine and configuration is a bit easier than squid.

You can use Massplanner and 3proxy for Windows on the same computer. 3proxy is light, it uses almost no resources.



I managed to make this proxy server on Pi3 only with the help of this guide. And I must tell that this was the first time I was using Linux. So … big thanks to you @dimitri for this guide, it is great!

There is only one thing left, can’t figure it out how to make Linux dynamic update client run at startup. I found i need to make a folder with a file and paste some script there. But I have no idea what I am doing, so would really appreciate help with exact commands :slight_smile:

Here is the README to do this:



This tutorial was amazing, thank you!! :grinning:

I want use it for IG bot purposes, some weeks ago i have many problems with likes, soft bans… etc.

Do yo still use this having 0 problems with likes and bans? Which bot do you use?


I’m not sure about that dyn dns script with no-ip, but I was able to get a similar working with (another dyn dns)


@Instadog I really appreciate your info!

Update: I managed to do it with help of NOIP support. They recommended me this short guide:

And this script works.

@isrmor I will start testing it now … will have some more information in about a week.


@chillyx Thanks mate, see you here in about a week :grin: I will buy a Raspberry 3 today, will share my results!


hi mate @isrmor! I remember I promised you smth. Must say that the proxy works like charm, even after these PVs and bans a day ago. How’s you doing?


Dear @dimitri your guide is amazing thank you so much! since a few days, i use a Raspberry pi as a proxy in combination with dyndns and an amazon vps. My proxy has a response time of 2100ms and I noticed that mp reduced its actions to 50%.

Can you tell me, if there is a solution (maybe settings) what can fix my issue or what I should change exactly in my chain to make mp great again?


You can try to ping your Raspberry from your Amazon VPS. If ping times are high there is probably not much you can do… The standard settings cannot be improved to reduce ping times. Maybe it is just a slow home internet connection?

I am from Holland, my server is in Germany. Proxy response times are 250-300 ms…

One thing you have to try… If you do a mass verify in MP ping times can be slow sometimes. But if you verify a single proxy and press that button a couple of times you get the real response time.


Hey Dimitri. Thanks for your help!

I pinged the ip, it’s 123ms. Sounds good, right?
Still trying to figure out the source of the problem. With my old sslprovateproxy and the same proxy, mp performed 500-600 follows, now it’s 250 :confused:

Internet is 16.000 and used for nothing more than mp and office tasks.

Is it maybe the rasp wifi module which limits the speed? Or could the dynamic dns service be the problem? Please help me :dizzy_face:

Update: when I check the results I can notice that mp sometimes stops performing for a random time (between 10-60 minutes). That does not really fit to my settings because maximum break is 25 minutes and only after approx 20 actions. But in this case mp performs sometimes only 2 actions and makes a break then

Update 2: MP starts following using “xyz…” on 8:20PM and performs the first follow 8:33PM. Then it does 12 follows in 12 minutes , stops again for 25 minutes and continue the task to complete the 20


@dimitri thanks again for this guide - it’s dope. Question. Is IP still considered residential if I use NOIP service and use their dns system? I guess then it’s just another database proxy?


No, using No-IP has no consequences. Your home IP is residential.


@dimitri can you set this up for me?


I have another question. Is it possible to set up Pi in a house with Modem + Router? I tried connecting it to modem with this same method, but it doesn’t seem to work. Thank you in advance!


That is not enough to help. I have a modem + router in 1 device, and here it works fine.


So the traffic from the internet first comes to this white internet’s provider gateway Innbox V45. From there the cable goes to this black D-link router to distribute the Internet furhter down the house.

My plan was to connect it directly to Innbox V45 with a cable, so there is no double port forwarding. Opened the port on the Innbox V45 and it worked.


Should I follow this same manual (concerning software) when installing 3proxy and other mentioned stuff on Pi zero? And is it cruicial to montly update Rasbpian?


Updates are important always.
I also have a Raspberry zero. It has enough power to run 3proxy without problems. You only need things like a HDMI adapter. And because the zero has no ethernet you need to find a solution for that or use the wifi version of the zero.


Hey dimitri,

first big thanks for this thread! really! thx. Without, I would still try and study how to configure a squid server :exploding_head: 3proxy looks like a awesome lightweight solution. I want to setup exactly the same as you has shown with your 3G dingdongles.

I have followed your guide and now I know how to use my residental ip as a proxy with the help of my beautiful raspberry pi 3 b+. done :white_check_mark:

Next step, using my public residental ip via noip to connect to my raspberry and use different ports (or users - don’t know whats easier) for each 3G dongle on my raspberry. My 3G dongle work fine. It’s connected and recognized as eth1.

I have red a bit in the documentaion of 3proxy and their howto’s but still can’t get the point.

I tried to declare internal and external ip’s/interfaces in the config file and different parameters on the proxy -a -i123.123.123.123(internalIp) -e321.321.321.321(externalIp)
Note: I think my eth0 is my internal ip (which is my residental connection) and my eth1 (3G) is the external :crazy_face:

But I will try more and more to get it done… Maybe I can get some help from you on that and save some coffee. I would really really appreciate it. :pray: