Utm - True thing or Urban legend

Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if someone can give me an answer if deleting utm from your Insta links while sharing them in engagement pods is only a cosmetic thing or a real deal.

I understand what utm is, but do Instagram really use it to track where the engagement came from or is it just a precaution?

The reason I’m asking is that I noticed a few pods on Telegram doesn’t really care for that.

Thank you!

They’ll most likely always know where traffic is coming from tbh. Maybe not in minute detail, but still. Footprints by apps, ip’s and browsers are easy to discover if you own the platform.

UTM tags are just a way to make sure the traffic appears nicely in your analytics and allow you to segment it yourself.


The thing that Instagram is bothering about is the accounts that are constantly engaging with some target account but aren’t following it. And this is how engagement pods are working… not good.