VA Managing Accounts

Has anyone hired a VA to manage any of their accounts (reply to dms, make posts, etc etc)

I’m looking to do something like but I’m afraid of the security risk even if I hire someone that I trust. And there are not that many settings to limit what an account manager can or cannot do, is there?

For Security Risks,You can turn on 2fa,Hire someone whom you know is trustworthy,has a good reputation and is there for a long time.

People like this won’t steal your account,reputation is more important to them.

You can put new moderator into role editor of your Facebook fan page linked to Instagram.

If you don’t find anybody… Feel free and PM me.
I have experience with more than 3 years with manage clients Instagram accounts.

Yes, I have a few VA’s managing IG brand accounts. They’re mostly highly rated people from upwork. They would rather get a 5 star job rating and consistent income, than just steal an account. I recommend you to use upwork (instead of fiverr) to find VA’s like this

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I think you can use Dashlane to share password of your account with VA and they wont be able to see it and they also can’t update password because they don’t know the current one. However, it seems that some tech-saavy people could find out password… check it out here

How big are the accounts? And is there no way we can put any sort of security measures in case they go “rogue”?

The accounts are 30k-200k. As long as your current ig e-mail + original ig e-mail is secured, I dont think there are any risks. I haven’t ever in 5 years had a VA try to steal the IG account


Couldn’t you just set them up on a VPS and let them do that from a browser?

I guess it’s better to deal with a management company directly with contracts and all that that’s the only way that you can totally secure your data.

In terms of safety, the optimal solution is to hire some agency from your city, or someone you know personally. This is how I would do it. :slight_smile: