Valentine's Day Giveaway! ( Status: Giveaway Over )

I learnt so much from this community and I want to showcase my love by giving away something which I actually purchased.

I frequently purchase accounts from @ARoNNN . Last week he said he started making accounts with GMX and I purchased 200 of them. I think he is doing his own giveaway too.

I logged in 150 and kept 50 as backup accounts ( because his accounts are mostly sold out so I purchase more than I need ) to my surprise all 150 are still valid.

To thank this community I would like to giveaway those 50 accounts.

I will give 5 accounts each to the person who comment " I love MP Social "

P.S - Thank you for making automation easy for me guys. I checked my summary and I have spent freaking 4 days reading valuable contributions made by you guys on MP Social. It is a big deal for me because I am not a fan of reading.

Happy Valentine’s Day !

Status: Giveaway Over!


I love MP Social! Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

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I Love MP Social

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I love mp social

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I sent the accounts please check your inbox :blush:

Accounts Sent buddy :grinning:

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Sent my friend :blush:

I Love MP Social :blush:

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I love MPsocial

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I love MPSocial!

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I love MP Social! Thanks.

Sent My friend :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sent :slight_smile: Happy Valentine’s Day Guys !

thank you :muscle: :muscle: I do love mpsocial :grin:

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Sent my friend :slight_smile:

I love MP social!!

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Sent my friend

Giveaway is over guys! I hope you liked my gift. Thanks to @ARoNNN for making great accounts. You keep making the accounts buddy, I will keep buying them.

Happy Valentines Day again guys!

I love MP Social :slight_smile:

Buddy the giveaway is Over

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