Validating proxy quality - Am I doing it right?

Hi there,

I just get started with Instagram Marketing - this place contains a lot of knowledge - thank you for sharing. I ordered one social proxy from highproxies since I understood that many people here are happy with them. One thing that left a bad first impression for me: They say private proxys won’t work for social media. They don’t say why. Do they just want to upsell?

Bought one single social proxy to test. I entered the provided IP on some IPLookup sites to check their quality.

These are my results

I don’t know if this is me beeing too paranoid here, but the high fraud score on those pages make me nervous.

My questions:

  1. Is the approach to validate the quality valid?
  2. Do you have higher or lower fraud score for proxies you use?
  3. Does quality of a proxy providers differ for different GEOs? Which one would you recommend for Germany?



Okay you just started it from the bottom, you’re courageous.

My advice ; don’t go too deep in this. Just buy “trials” proxies from different providers and test them out. Otherwise, next year you’ll still on this :slight_smile:

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Analytical sites like that always need to be taken with a grain of salt. There are a few possibilities here

a) The “score” for the IP is poorly calculated
b) You were issued a recently used IP from someone else and that IP was abused (common with proxy providers)
c) The proxy you have is being shared by multiple people

Also highproxies in general is vastly overpriced and for many (myself included) a poor provider in general. However don’t take scores like this to heart. Test it on IG and see how your account functions for you. If you have multiple accounts test with a few other providers as well. If you’re willing to pay $3 for a DC proxy you might as well buy a shared mobile slot for around the same price. I think top price most people pay for a DC proxy who are in the business is about $1 and many significantly less than that.

I have some proxies on providers that are pricey but I know work. I also have DC proxies that are stupidly cheap that work better (for me) than most mobile 4G providers on this forum (I’ve tested near all of them). So you need to see what works for you…don’t take other people’s feedback or advice on what is or is not a good proxy provider (myself included). I know people with great success on proxies I can’t do squat on and vice versa. So it’s all about your personal experience.


Create two accounts, run both accounts with the same settings, account 1 uses your home ip, account 2 uses proxy … if it runs without blocking just like the account with home ip, it means that the proxy is good. (Google Translate) I don’t speak english

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Even with good English this makes little to no sense.

@Mortax welcome to the MPSocial community.

General speaking that kind of information is useless, because it does not reflect Instagrams opinion about proxies. As @Tacos pointed out for a lot of people datacenter proxies work as good as mobile proxies since the “recent” shift of trust score factors. In my opinion Instagram - sadly - shifted heavily from proxy/bot trust core to account trust score. Which makes the platform a bit harder but still profitable to operate on.

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@HenryCooper thanks for the warm welcome.

during the few hour I spend here, I spend most of my time reading opinions based on anecdotal evidence. Is there any source that supports such claim of a change in the Instagram trust scoring with some objective testing?

There is to much data collect and most of this in the end of the day will end up as a really objective view. And once such a study is finished (which will take a lot of time and efforts) it might be already outdated again.

We had some sellers here in the past that actually were kinda smart by selling datacenter IPs that still were tracked as residential or mobile in Instagrams ASN database provider, but that was a short game and their customers probably paid the price in the end.

I can only recommend to work with long term solutions and not ignoring all the possible bad effects only for getting a quick follower push. If you do such things just be aware of what they are and what they are not.

I never was, or I’m not even planning to sell any proxies, I’m a brand owner and I automate to sell my own products, you must have mistaken me with someone else.