VAT Added to EU Residents starting this weekend

We just sent an email to everybody about this, but just in case you missed it here it is again:

Hello everybody,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that in a couple of days we will be introducing VAT for all residents in the European Union.

As you might already know this is a requirement if you operate within the EU and this tax goes towards the budget of your country of residence.

We will be using Taxamo to determine your contry of origin and everything will be automatic.

If you’re a registered business in your country you will be able to use your VAT code to deduct the VAT from your payment.

As I said, we’ll introduce this system in a few days, so we will close all active subscriptions from EU residents. Your Masss Planner license will still be valid, all you need to do is create a new subscription when it is due.

If you are not located in the EU this change will not affect you in any way.

Thank you for being with us for all this time, we are here to help you so if you have any questions or need
help with anything don’t hesitete to contact us.

To your online success,
The Mass Planner Team.

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Hi all, just a quick one :slight_smile:, we did an email blast earlier about the EU VAT and we received a couple of feedback about it, so I thought I’d clarify somethings here.

:point_right: For those who are affected (EU residents), when your license gets cancelled, you don’t need to create a new subscription right away, hence your previous payment is still intact. You can create a new one before your license days expire. The EU VAT will only apply on future payments (starting this weekend).

:point_right: For UK residents, EU VAT will apply for the next two years. After that, we don’t know :wink:

:point_right: If you are just travelling to Europe and you are non-residents or you have US PayPal (or any other country that is not part of EU), you will not be affected by the EU VAT :slight_smile:

Those are the FAQs I got today, so if there is anything you want to clarify which were not addressed above, don’t be shy and drop your question/s here, thanks :grinning:


The elephant in the room is that we are going to pay 20% more :slight_smile:


That % depends on the country you live in.

As for the elephant, believe me if we had a choice we wouldn’t have added this. It’s not like we get to keep any of that money. Unfortunately being a registered EU company we had to do this to comply with EU rules and regulations, no way around it.

As Anna said though, this will apply to future payment starting this weekend, it’s not yet in effect ( hint :wink: )

Its disgusting how the EU maffia has their hands in everything… :rage:

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For this “hint” , how can we now pay for next 1-2 years?
There is only 6 months option as I can see
(i’m using 6 months option already)

Well, officially I’m not telling anyone to do this :slight_smile:

As general knowledge though, if you choose the “get 6 months” instead of “subscribe now” when you’re on the payment page, 6 more months will be added to your account no matter how many days you still have left and you make the payment immediately.


renewed :sunglasses:



If I cancel my subscription now

  1. My Massplanner will still work?
  2. An option will appear to pay for 6 months?
  3. If I buy six months, it will be added onto my outstanding days? (currently 23)
  4. What if I decided to take the premium version - How would this be calculated with my remaining days?
  5. I can become a subscriber again at a later date?

Thanks in advance!

@Slaps You can cancel your subscription now and upgrade your Mass Planner to Premium ( the remaining day will be splitted in half ) and then you can make a direct payment from 6 months and the days will be added to your license.

And you can subscribe again in a later date.

Awesome - Thanks very much for that :slight_smile:

6 more months added , total almost 1 year :smiley:
thx for hint


no problem … :smiley: