Verification Codes Never Arrive

On a few accounts today I received the message to put in the 6 digit code sent to email.

The email with the code never arrives.

The email is the original email (gmail) AND it receives an email from Instagram saying “We Noticed a New Login” so I know it is correct email for the IG account and is receiving emails.

I noticed some older posts here with same issue (2017, 2020) but never found a solution.

Accounts on laptop using different browser for each.

4G / LTE phone tethering for access, and phone restarted / new IP between account changes.


What is the email domain of the accounts? This is also happening for my accounts…

They are gmail accounts.

Have you tried logging out and saying forgot password?
Then try changing it?

No, I have not tried that. I will try today and report back here.

Try waiting 24-48 hours and then try requesting the code from a different device, different phone.

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UPDATE: It has now been 24 hours.

I tried again and same issue: The email with the code never arrives.

I tried using the FORGOT PASSWORD option and that link (email) did not arrive.

Each time I TRY to login I DO get the email that confirms a New Login.

I will wait 24 more hours and try again.

if email is from rambler ru… or orthers email services from Russia… this is the issue … most of them dont receive more emails from Instagram

but if it is a trust email service like gmail, outlook… and you are not receiving, it is a bug, and should work in 24h ~ 48h…

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This is correct, I’ve noticed multiple people having issues with rambler, but if it’s a reliable email provider then you can also try from a different device. Perhaps your IP or your device got flagged.

I have not tried today.

As I mentioned in original post - this is GMail.

I have tried from both mobile device with fresh install of Instagram, and laptop in a browser that was installed on that day.

I will test again later and post updates

Try from different phone

2021-11-19 UPDATE

The issue is the same for 3 different accounts out of 10 I purchased.

The are all aged 1.5 years and all have original email (GMAIL).

My process: 1 Instagram account per browser on a laptop. With Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Slimjet and Iridium I can run several accounts, one at a time, for slow manual promotional reasons (IG accounts for models).

The 3 accounts with problems I have tried from a laptop with Chrome, Chromium or Brave browser several times on 4G and home WiFi. This laptop is fresh install of Ubuntu, never seen Instagram or GMail before these accounts.

4G LTE IPs are different each time. Home WiFi IP remains same for 2 accounts, different for the third account.

For the 1st account I have tried on 2015 Nexus 5x Android that was reset and fresh install of Instagram. Several tries on 4G and home WiFi and the code from Instagram seems to have never been sent as it never arrives in Gmail.

For the 1st account I have tried on 2017 LG G6 Android that was reset and fresh install of Instagram. Several tries on 4G and home WiFi and the code from Instagram seems to never have been sent as it never arrives in Gmail.

Each time I change devices I do receive the email from Instagram stating “We notice a login from a device you don’t usually use”. This email shows the device name and location. This is normal and expected.

Each time I wait 30 minutes and click to “Resend Code” and again the code never arrives.

NOW FOR THE CRAZY PART: Today I spoke with the seller I got the accounts from. He tried to login from his area (Netherlands) on LTE with Windows 10 laptop and Chrome browser. He got the same error, BUT when he requested the code it was sent and arrived at Gmail in 1 minute. He did not login, but he gave me the code and I was able to login fine on the same laptop / browser pair I have been trying for days!

Unable to understand what is happening here.

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I have the same issue here.
1 account has never received the verification code.
I have tried all above solutions but nothing changes.
This account is an old account on Jarvee. I have stopped account for several months and I cannot login to it now.
I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

This error is caused by gmail, not by your ig account. I got this problem after gmail was verified. It seems that gmail has blocked messages from instagram

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And have you managed to get it solved?