Verification Loop Instagram Jarvee

Hey guys,

I’ve already seen each topic for this but there hasn’t been any solution.
I am in an endless verification loop. So I use a 4G mobile proxy and
click on verify, open EB tell Instagram it was me -> gets me to main page and still not verified. Than I do it again and agin but have to accept always that it was me…

The loop:

what should I do to verify the account? By the way it is on all 4 acounts.
Still changed the External IP (IP in Jarvee didn’t change)

2nd Question: If I get asked for phone or mail code, do I always need to ask the client for the code or is there a way around to get the code somehow?

Thanks a lot

i have same problem, but found solution:

  1. Go to your account via EB
  2. Send code via SMS or Email
  3. Confirm your session, do not close EB
  4. Press aqtion request again (do not confirm that you are in browser, do not click)
  5. Press “Verify via sms”
  6. Enter SMS
  7. VALID

Solution is that you don’t need confirm in your account that it’s you, just do not press anything.

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dont use EB, plz use API to very your account, after your accout valid, plz stop your account about some day…!

Exactly that. There is even that sentence highlighted in red, even in your screenshot.

Same problem here with a lot of accounts. Tried to get support team without sucess.

What is EB ??