Verified Twitter Accounts (Ticks)


How can anyone make the process faster? Do what the article says. Good for you that you read the article and keep coming back to ask how to do it.


Buddy, I read so many post saying pay us $700 or more and we will get that done for you in very less time!
I was just trying my luck, understand the part over here!
You’re great bro, atleast you cared to reply and I’m thankful for that.


Then go with the paid method. Now do that 20 or thirty times and you should be able to get verified.


Don’t forget that there are many verified Twitter accounts without a Forbes article. There are many websites, blogs where articles can get published.

When reading this I feel the urgent need to verify my personal account too.

@wortime Maybe you can write a nice article telling about all my accomplishments and get it published on Forbes ?


@dimitri Already written and submitted. Waiting on a call back. That’ll be $1,000 please. I accept paypal.


Damn, I didn’t know you did that same thing.

Can I get your skype, I’m willing to pay too.


@imyashhh Don’t spam my inbox asking me to write stuff for you.

You read the article, you have Google, and my profile says to DM at your own risk.


If you need the Forbes article let me know
I have someone for it


Hi, I had some real difficulties with this, but it came down to engagement levels more than proof I’d say. If there is no place to upload ID, then it has been “pre-filtered” by Twitter and will be auto rejected in 48 hours.

Provided that there is an upload field, you just need to show credibility - this is, based on who I’ve seen verified, fairly easy! Mentions in press etc will do the job.


Hello just wondering if you ended up getting your friend verified & what process you took to do It