Verified Twitter Accounts (Ticks)


I’ve a friend who has been looking to get his account verified at twitter. He has about 162K legit followers. He is awesome!

Real content, travelling the world.

I really wanna help him out in this. If someone knows the right method please tell me!

Thank you MPSocial Users, you have always been the best.

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Maybe this helps: Request to verify an account.


I need references to actually get through this verification process. Someone told me to get posts on forbes or something like that related to him.
If someone could actually suggest me someone who could do it for me, I’ll be thankful.

Yes, sorry. I have no idea about that. Let’s see if someone knows his way around this stuff.

Posting on forbes costs 1300/1500 for a Link and around 3700 for an article :slight_smile:

You mean $3700?

Show that you’re authentic and worth verifying. Twitter doesn’t just verify random people because they have a lot of followers- the person needs to be either a personal brand or an influential individual.

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He is an influential individual buddy, he has really great videos and great fan following.

Can you recommend me what to fill in the verification form so that it goes through easily?

If he is a traveler etc, he can submit many articles online easily. That would help.

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Actually he is a youtube video blogger. Can you suggest me ways that could help me?
Like elaborating with where should he submit articles, where can he?

Google “where can I submit articles”

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Maybe Forbes isn’t really needed ?

Maybe it will be enough if you can send links to youtube videos/channel with his name, maybe some articles on other websites written by him or talking about him ?

He can submit an article to Forbes. Cost? Zero.

Man, thanks for your reply.
Though the friend I’m talking about has a youtube channel with really good subs. But it even doesnt have any badges!

I’m sorry but he doesnt have any articles written on him, or written by him.

Can we do something about it?

Ya, I found that on google. Its time consuming though.

How much time do you think it could take after I get the article done?

I have planned to get someone write an article on him, showing what he does and how is spreading it all over the world.

I think this might work.

I just need to send that article on an email that I saw online? Am I right?

Correct me if I’m wrong please.
And do tell me more about the process.
Thanks buddy

Dude, seriously. Do what it says, I am not here to spoon feed you and your “friend”.

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Oh yes, but helping is not spoonfeeding bro.

This is like a round circle, it comes back.
Its okay, if you don’t want to. I’ll figure it out somehow.

Thank you so much

I ain’t your bro brotato. I am not going to hold your hand and basically write the article for you. It tells you in exact detail what you need to do. Here, let me spoon feed you.

::::GOOGLING::: “how to submit articles to forbes”

I receive many e-mails asking how to submit a guest post to my Forbes blog, so I decided to write a post with information and guidelines that I could refer people to in the future.

The ideal length for a post is between 850 and 1,000 words. It must not have been previously published. I don’t consider simultaneous submissions (meaning that the same pitch is pending with another editor at the time you send it to me), but will respond promptly. Here are the steps to take.

Come up with a great idea. It should be within your area of interest or expertise. Write something that you would want to read yourself. These are four possibilities.

  1. Craft a post based on a book you have written.

  2. Use your expertise to interpret a recent trend or news event.

Parodies Of Rap Artist Psy’s Gangnam Style Are Fun. But Are They Legal?

Part Of Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s Will, Banning Use Of Music In Ads, May Not Be Valid

It’s A Jump Ball For ‘Linsanity’ Trademark

Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez And Other Celebs Helped Louboutin Get Trademark For Red Soles

Feds Leave Door Open To Hit BP With Top Penalties For Gulf Spill

  1. Offer a solution to a common concern or problem.

10 Signs It May Be Time To Fire Your Doctor

The ABCs Of Annuities: 8 Questions To Ask Before You Buy

How To Find Comfortable Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style

How to Manage a Micromanager

How To Work A Room Like You Own The Place

How To Turn A Job You Hate Into A Job You Love

How To Work A Room Like You Own The Place

Six Signs You May Be In A Dead-End Job

  1. Share a personal experience that is likely to interest many other people.

A Working Mom Defends the ‘Lululemon Stay-at-Home Mother’

What My Husband’s Cancer Taught Me About Our Broken Healthcare System

How To Quit Your Job Without Burning Your Bridges

Send me a query. Send me a proposal – not the full article. Keep it brief: a tentative headline; two or three sentences explaining what the article will be about; and one sentence saying why you are qualified to write it. Based on this proposal I will let you know within three business days whether to submit the article. If you do not hear from me in that time, please assume that I will not be able to publish your submission; you should then feel free to offer it elsewhere. My e-mail is:

Write with the reader in mind. Writing for the web is different from writing for print. The best way to organize the piece is to start with a brief set-up that hooks the reader. Then organize the rest in segments (as I’ve done with this article). Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Short paragraphs and headings within the article make it easier to read.

A couple of other tips: avoid throat-clearers or advice that readers will find obvious; use strong examples to support what you say.

Include a brief bio at the top. This means: your name; the name of your company (with a link to your website); and if you’ve written a book relevant to the article, the title of that book with a link to the Amazon page or to your website if the book is available for sale there. If you tweet, please indicate that, and include a link to your Twitter profile page. Do not include puffery – for example, that you are the best career counselor in the world; have been voted a superlawyer; or are a popular keynote speaker.

Submit the completed article. Please don’t send me a rough draft and ask me to critique it or tell you whether you are on the right track. Paste the article into the body of an e-mail, or attach it as a Microsoft word document.

What happens next. I will acknowledge receipt of your article the same day, and let you know within a week whether it has been accepted for publication. If it is, I reserve the right to edit the article at my discretion, including changes in the text, subheads and headline, to improve readability and maximize web traffic.


There you go “bro”

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I read that same thing. SAME THING.
But ya thanks for your help, I thought you might know about how to make that fast or something like that.

Its cool.
Brotato is what I learnt knew, thank you haha. :joy: