Verified user mass mentioning

I just got a notification from this verified user as he mentioned me in a comment well me and over a million other people. The post has only been up 8 hours :open_mouth: thats over 2000 comments per minute.

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The Russians are on to mass tagging now? Lol

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They already have been for a long time! Russians are like the Asians of blackhat internet marketing.


Its at 1.5million now :joy: how long before Instagram realise he has been hacked also why are there like no limits for verified users?

Another account is doing the same @benefitindia
10,000 mentions a second. Crossed 5million mentions by the time I am writing this.

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Wow and 800k views on the video. My guess is someone did a lot of brute forcing to get as many verified accounts as they can.

Waiting till they was happy with the amount of verified accounts they have and then launched them all at once im guessing there are a lot more accounts doing this atm as they are all doing the same promotion

Yea I kinda figured lol.

Verified accounts don’t have limits for mentions and they might if IG stops them just say they have been hacked or something!

There is a news article out about the football player saying he has been hacked this was 3hrs ago so i am sure IG know what’s going on

This is exactly what I was thinking hahaha

Got mentioned by that guy as well… Even twice :slight_smile:

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Me too, I thought that this method was patched… It seems it was not haha

And we non-bluetick people get blocked for mass mentions :joy:

He’s currently banned.

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This shit is always happening the accounts get banned in no time but by then i believe they already made the sales they want and go on to repeat the process, it’s always with a verified account

No limits on verified accounts

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No limits with what?

That’s hilarious. I tried doing that once and got blocked after about 20 comments.