Verify Account Instagram - Don't Get Scammed

Guys do not be fooled by this, many people are real scam, no one for 50-300 dollars can assure you have the verification of your Instagram account, because no one who works in Instagram risks the job for $ 100 commission, not there is no panel if not a request that you can do on the Facebook Business Client panel, and it is a panel accessible to all you just need to know the link does not need to pay. Make the request only if you are really public figures if you have a royal following, if you have a public of all fake, it is useless to have the blue check 'they will never accept it. If you have mentions on Wikipedia, if you have things you have done online, then that’s fine, but if you do it just to cool with your friends it’s useless. This is my advice, do not pay anyone, because nobody can give you anything.

It’s very important.
Scammers will earn money on your thirst for vanity.



I was under the impression the only place to submit is via the Partner Portal, which only large media firms have access to.

Where is the Facebook Business panel you speak of?

You can’t access the Partner Portal if you’re not a registered partner (even with the link).
There’s no other place.

you can on Client Support Portal by facebook

how to create media portal account ?Mywebmedia tell i need account

Good luck with that one :slight_smile: