Verifying an old account: security code can accept only through phone

Hello guys, im trying to verify my login attempt to accounts where i wasn’t loged for more than 2 years. And most of them require phone verification when you try to log in. However, I still have access to an original creation email. So my question is, is it somehow possible to verify login attempt not via phone, but via email??? Because i bought these accounts in mass in old days, so i really didnt change their phone numbers…

Nope. PV without a matching number is the death of the account.

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shit, i thought if you have an original phone number u can always get your account back

You said you only have the OG Email and not the Phone number :thinking:
If you have the OG number you can try Get help signing in (Android) or Forgot password? (iOS) and get a Login link via Phone/Email (hopefully). That doesn’t mean there will be no PV/EV

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sorry i wrote bad, i only have original email yes, so with original email i cant recover account, i must have original number as well?

also any idea why im not getting confirmation code for those accounts which have email verification possible? i can only get an instagram letter if i try to click on forgot password, but when i connect with a good password, i dont get an email with a code for log attempt

That’s usually an issue with the IP you are using or of over requesting. Some customers that bought accounts from us have that issue, but as soon as we try it, it works flawlessly. Sometimes a VPN or proxy can help but make sure to let the account rest as otherwise, you will not get anything at all.

For recovering the accounts, check the section in the App. I’m not doing that very often, so I’m not sure about the OG Email I must admit.

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Try removing the phone number from the account and see if that helps.

how can i remove mate, if i cant login into account? it asks to verify my login attemtp via phone before i can even log in.