Very low reach 100k profile

Hey, for some reason the past 2 months my engagement has dropped significantly. From 3-6k likes per post To 1k-2k likes per post!.
I’ve reached 100k Followers and engagment has never been worse!

I’ve noticed that my posts barley gets any explore reach and sometimes engagment reach and sometimes profile reach… Never happened to me before.

Anyone knows how to deal with that? It used to have high reach on all of them.


Welcome to the future of Instagram!

This is their goal, so you’re forced to buy ads for exposure.


I actually tried to buy some ads as I thought the momentum will continue to other posts but no…
Similar pages doing very well, idk why my page is left behind


I feel your pain, in the same situation with a significantly smaller account, but the fact that it’s happening to many people is some sort of evidence of their goals.

Also this time of year (apparently) is slow in general for engagement, or typically has been in the past. My growth is in the negative range, but my hashtag reach is suddenly quadrupling… with nothing but bleeding followers like there’s no tomorrow. It really makes no sense.

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Engagement based on statistics has always been lower for accounts >100K. I can imagine how lower it’s now after all the changes that Instagram has implemented. You have to constantly evolve and find new ways to boost your engagement. Be creative, buy ads, organize giveaways, comment others, find support in your niche, do new things and see what works.


I found by using the exact related Hashtags and within only 2 accounts from the same IP is accepted to push out on the Explorer page alot more. I think its down to spam dedection.


lol your hashtags works, whenever I put one my ER drops 90% :joy:

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Can’t see anything wrong here, except for pure content issues. Big accounts have issues with getting real exposure, and even if you hit Explore it won’t necessarily rake you followers unless you have actual viral content.

How’s your engagement rate?

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Yeha that’s sucks

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Engagment is real bad… never been any worse then now.
And what is wrong is that when hashtags reach is high, profile reach is low and the opposite

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Hi, can you explain this more? I am having a similar issue

Hey, have you solved it? I have the same issue, my account has got 50k, and the reach is getting worst and worst. I’ve just posted a photo and it has been shown to 160 people in half and hour!!! Max reach 10k per post when I used to reach 60k. Hashtags not working. I’m not shadow banned, I don’t know what else to do.

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Nope… never solved it idk what to do