Very weird post block!

So, I have a friend which is a famous musician and he is getting his posts blocked. He has no bad content. It was just a live video of him performing.

Is there a upto date facebook link which I can use to contact meta and see whats up?

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I don’t have a direct link but you may use for reference.

With this, is he performing his own songs? If not, he may have been flagged for copyright issues.

Yeah he is in a famous band. He is verified etc.

Has posted stuff from it for years.

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i can believe than there is limitation on posting, i literally saw a guy with 70m posts posting on his hashtags

If he has a verified account, I think it’s best for him to use the copyright form and just indicate there that he is reaching out since it looks like he’s being copyrighted for his own music or smth

Where is the copyright form? Seems like he has quit the platform. But will try contact elsewhere

You can see it from the link I previously gave