Vice Documentary vs. Instagram fame [Test Case]

Interesting test case just popped up.

This girl just got a Vice documentary made about her. Shes at less then 757 at the time of publishing. The video doesn’t have an Instagram handle shoutout. Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

Not much will happen :slight_smile: if they didn’t cta

I agree with @SZarkic.
The company I work for gets shutout from smaller influencers all the time (5-30k). If they don’t add a proper CTA and a link we’re lucky to get 5 followers at max, even with those we don’t get all that much. This is also on YT so users would have to cross over to IG and search her up manually.

I doubt we’ll see much activity but still interesting to follow, perhaps a bunch of horny lads will migrate over and start creeping.

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