Video is under review

Has anyone ever had a video go under review? My main question is should I bother waiting it out to see if it actually gets reviewed or is it a lost cause?

I had a video go haywire viral amassing 10M views in less than 24 hours. Then on Christmas morning I discovered it was removed from the public view because it was “under review”.

I was so upset because that video was going to hit at least 40M

Did it go under review AFTER the video was posted and uploaded for awhile.
Did you upload a video and it instantly got reviewed?

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It got put under review roughly 23 hours after I posted it. It hit 10M views and then it disappeared.

The only reason I think it’s under review is because I took a photo of a couple kissing each other. Is kissing against the TikTok guidelines?

Not sure if I should bother waiting it out or just repost the video or what


Whether you wait or not, you’re not gonna get the same growth vitality it was previously getting.

Appeal it (so you don’t have a “negative” towards your profile), and while it’s in revue just repost it. Maybe editing out the kissing part, just to split test If that was the issue.

When your original video comes back, just private it and you’ll get the bonus of the original and the new reposted one.

This is the downside of being a verified or popular account.
You get more manual checks as you’re semi-representing tiktok now.

Awesome video. I did a talk last night and used your profile as an example :wink:


Yeah i have an account that everything i post goes into review immediatly lol. doesnt seem to affect the views though after it gets approved

Since you are a popular creator are you able to add link to your bio now?