Video not showing up in Following tab?

I posted a video yesterday that collected likes from
following for a few hours, then shot to about 30k views from the FYP. Since then, the video has gotten barely any likes and views, I’m assuming the ones I do get are from the profile. I checked on another account, and the video is not even showing up in the following tab. What is happening? Anybody else experiencing this?

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Any reason it would get flagged content wise?

No. It’s happened on every video. Two of them now have come back after almost 12 hours of no likes to then go on to get 1M views each. It’s strange?

Wouldn’t worry about it then. Probably the alg change that seems to delay videos getting pushed

Bumping this again. Anyone else experiencing this? The delay times are getting longer and longer every day now.

how much delay we are talking about? try to give some details.

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I would say you need to wait 3 to 4 hours to appear on the fyp with the new algorithm and don’t consider that as a bad thing indeed ppl will be most likely to like video with already a certain amount of likes(that you will get from you followers) rather than a video with very few likes

Video goes up two days ago now. Slowly gains views from following until about 4 hours, then soars to 35k views. Then, radio silence. It no longer shows up on the FYP or even the following tab (I know this because I made a new account to follow myself and check). I only gain a very small amount of views from the personal profile view. This happened before, but the video always returned to the following page and FYP. This time, it’s been 2 days and it hasn’t.

check the video for yourself. most recent video on @benseesthings

okay, i have check the video, it’s 38.1k at this moment, i noticed that this one and two videos before that are playing on the same range 30k, 60K and 70k but the ones before that went viral so maybe it the content, i did not get the chance to check it all but maybe you changed or said something that users did not like or they weren’t that interested.