Video Testimonial suggestions

I’m starting to have my clients do video testimonials about my services. Something swift for a sound bite I can splice into a promotional/testimonial package.

I will be letting clients say whatever they want but I plan on providing an example script and am looking for suggestions from others who already do this what has worked well for them.

I’m figuring something along the lines of
“Hi, I’m %%name%% from @ instagram and I love how Tacos manages my Instagram”

I’m still playing with wording but suggestions would be appreciated. Gotta be quick but want to instill that level of trust for prospects


And we are talking again about videos, great!

I would recommend you that they clarify what their biggest problem with their internet presence was and how you solved it. In short, which value you delivered them. Because thats what every business owner / client cares about - results.

Amazing idea! Wish you all the best with that :+1:

Having conducted countless video interviews over time, but not testimonials, so just throwing my opinion out there… it might be helpful to come up with a list of 5 questions to have them answer instead of something formulated, so it comes across authentically.

You can definitely ask for that line to be thrown in there at the end, but in terms of context they should be speaking from their experience and what you’ve accomplished for them. Make sure to ask them to state the question within the answer instead of having them randomly make comments.

Example: How did we help you grow your business via Instagram?

Having worked with Tacos for 2 years our business has exploded with their Instagram management services, we’ve seen more customers come into the store/place orders online than ever before.


I actually stole the idea from @jmarie …she lightly mentioned in a post she does that about a month ago and I thought it’d be a great way to implement testimonials. Showing real people making statements I think will hit home more than just words on a page especially since we live in a visual world now.

I like the thought about fixing their solution…that’s tougher to script but definitely a good track to go down if I can nail it. Thank you


Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:
Yes its an excellent idea for M/S. I show them a client gaining 100-200 followers a day that they can monitor anytime for that daily growth. Then if they are skeptical about me being the one who is making this happen, I show them a quick video selfie of that client saying that I am solely responsible for all of their growth. Works like a charm. :slight_smile:


That was very creative from her!

Yes, we just spoke about the personal user experience few days ago. I think this will give you very good reputation and trust. The cold traffic will be few degrees warmer, I’m pretty sure.

Another interesting thing to know is how you want to use this video testimonials. Are you going to use them on your website?

I think a video edit with few different testimonials could be a great Instagram Story Ad. I dont know if you are looking forward for marketing yourself in this way, but then you have to make the video format vertical.

I don’t think these will be solid enough for use on the website but could be effective when building trust with a prospect.

I practically don’t use my website at all as it is…only reason it exists is if someone asks thinking that a website somehow aids to my legitimacy as a service (which for some it does). By the time someone is asking me for a website I’d rather shoot them off the video to validate my capabilites.

I like @ian 's idea with targeting solutions for problems as well. I don’t have enough clients to really cover all the bases (yet) but if a client is untrusting because they’ve been burned in the past it’d be nice to have a video testimonial of another business owner who was in the same boat and how I’ve rekindled their faith in humanity (as an example)

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I also think a website is just something formal which hardly has a practical use in this case. Even when you not have the videos public, still great to have them whenever you need them.

Please keep us updated how you are going to set this up in the end of the day :slight_smile: