View and Capture Instagram Locations/IDs

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to scrape and find all Location IDs with by country. I was able to do this a year back by scraping URLs of each city/location with in the Country Location pages.
Location pages are linked here:

A year back when I did it, if you clicked on any of those countries, you can see all of the cities and locations with in that particular country and I was able to scrape the IDs this way via the URL. It looks like good old Instagram now removed and blocked the public from viewing those pages, as you can see, if you click on any of the links, you’re directed to a broken page.

I had some very small success with getting just a few of the locations with web.archive, but I can only see the first page. If I click “See More”, for page 2 and onward, it’s not archived.
For eg, I can see:
But no luck with other pages -

Anyone have any suggestions or other methods on how I can capture and get a list of all location IDs by country?


I think they limited that and it’s no longer possible to see ‘more’.

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