View discrepancies on my tiktok

so I had a tiktok get 10k views in the first 5 min yesterday and then it slowed down significantly, after the 10k it has only gotten 8k in the last 22 hours. Is this part of the delayed explotion they added on the last algorithm change or what is causing this. Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw my acc is XXX if anyone is interested

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thanks for the helpful reply admin

I feel sarcasm :slight_smile:
Anyway, I would definitely post something helpful if I was able to help. But I’m not into TikTok that much yet.

Others will surely help,
@angelescumirceatoma is into TikTok i.e. :slight_smile: maybe he can provide you some tips.


I will surely help, also thanks for mentioning @Adnan :).

10k in the first 5 min is very good. It’s a good niche. But the slow down means that TT is not promoting your video on the for you page anymore. It gave an initial boost and then it let it on its own.


Moreover, to keep growing your account you need to keep posting, over and over. Also keep testing,with 2 posts, 3 posts per day, analyze and after that adjust your approach.

At the moment of speaking I have 3 accounts, my first one is at 3700 followers, second is almost 200 followers and third is 35 followers. I see that the latter accounts gain followers slow even though some of my vids on them are viral.

You need to keep testing on TikTok. It’s a marathon but you need to be aware that there is money to be made here in the long run.


Thanks for the response! Yes I’m testin various things atm, I Gan usually like 500 followers a day and posting 3 times a day keep u guys updated