Views Dropped Dramatically Recently

Has anyone noticed a dropoff in views the past couple of weeks? I’ve been on tiktok about two months and my account has grown to almost 400k followers in that time, but recently I’ve noticed it’s much more difficult to consistently stay on the fyp and get the same number of views. I had a video go viral again last week (about 4 million views) but my non viral videos from the past week are only at about 10k - 20k views and new ones won’t even hit 5k in the first few hours.

It’s just a strange difference because the content I’m making is the same, post frequency is the same (if not more) and I didn’t use any automation, so I was just wondering what others are experiencing. I check my analytics daily and there’s nothing unusual besides the fact that the fyp % of bringing in traffic is way down. For reference, my engagement rate is currently about 14%.

Are you still getting a decent fyp %? how many times per day are you posting?

I wouldn’t consider it decent but I’m not sure what the norm is. Prior to a couple weeks ago, it was about 40% - 60% and now it’s about 15% - 20%. I used to post about once a day, but started posting 2 - 3 times a day (after the drop off) to see if that would help but it really hasn’t.

Another strange thing I noticed is that I’m seeing a lot of videos with fewer likes from smaller accounts on my own fyp.

Yep, noticed it too unfortunatly. I guess it’s due to the large amount of users that joined recently so everyone is getting a little piece of the cake. Just keep posting as much as possible is the only option I guess :blush:

Experiencing the same problem! Super frustrating, and Videos that usually do very well suddenly don’t…any idea how to fix this?

The only thing I’ve noticed is that the views will go up after a few days. To almost normal levels but the fyp % is still lower than in the past.

About how many followers do you have, if you don’t mind sharing? I was wondering if this was only happening to accounts with more followers or maybe just newer accounts or if it’s all across the board

35k - used to get around at least 150k p video now sometimes only around 3k-8k

Nothing has changed on TikTok’s end. It is just the population drop from the virus that is affecting engagement. :upside_down_face:

All jokes aside, stay safe everyone!

  1. Your content probably sucks. Harsh to say but it’s almost always the case.
  2. Did you install another account on your phone / do any automation?
  3. Kids are home from school this week so views will spike incredibly over the next month. We seen that happen around Christmas time, it’ll be even crazier now.
  4. What does your ANALYTICS say for the last 6 videos?

These drops are making me paranoid that TikTok has their own panel…

Werent they caught boosting the views of people?

I initially thought about #1 too, but I’m skeptical about that because I’ve even noticed this happening on bigger more popular accounts. Plus I’m not sure how I would get 400k followers in two months if it sucked that much? Time will tell! What I have noticed is the views are increasing a few days later to normal levels. So basically it’s just taking a little longer instead of the initial surge.

For #2, no automation at all. I did have another personal account on my phone, but removed it recently.

I’m going to keep tracking it, but I feel better knowing that I’ve seen it happening on other big accounts too. The interesting thing I’ve been noticing is that they are hiding the videos that don’t do well initially and trying to repost them. I’ve been keeping an eye on a few bigger accounts.

As for the analytics on my last six videos, I’ve noticed that the older ones have a higher FYP % than the newer ones. So maybe they are throttling when things are actually pushed to the FYP en masse now? Hard to say, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on it.

My follower growth rate is about the same (between 2k and 3k followers per day), so I’m glad that hasn’t changed.


Hi, did you ever figure out how to sort this problem or did it fix its self? it’s now happening to me and I’m stressed lool