Views from Following tab cut in half?

I used to post and get about 5-7k views in the first hour, all or most from Following tab. Now, I’ll get maybe 2.5k in that first hour. Anyone else experiencing this drop? Was there a change?

I don’t think I am shadowbanned as I still get on the fyp, at least for some small %, on each video.

yep the views are rly bad for everyone and they need time to come like 3/4 hours

Sometimes my videos are literally not showing up on people’s Following pages.

I saw this being mentioned few times on the forum already, you can try to go through TikTok category and see if you will find some explanation that will make sense for you.

Might it have something to do with india banning tiktok?

Who knows why is that happening, but you can expect it from time to time. The thing happens with IG.

Yup. Just normal fluctuations with the algorithm

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