[VOTE] Important Update

Hello fellow brothers and sisters,

I noticed most of the MassPlanner is gear towards Instagram marketing. It would be nice if MassPlanner support group could help out us little Twitter guys :confused:

If you’re reading this, I would greatly appreciate if you can vote for this update. The more votes, the more likely it is to happen! :heart:

Soon as a Twitter user is followed, MassPlanner would have the option to like ‘X’ number recent tweets from that user.

  • Yes, this would be an amazing update! :smile:
  • No, I don’t want this crap! :rage:

0 voters

Yes, it’s true that a lot of users are into Ig marketing at this point, we do strive to keep everything updated and add a couple of things. This is definitely on the list, it’s just it was a really busy period with big updates like the eb and databases… so we had other priorities, not necessarily linked to IG.

Thank you Johnny boy for adding this on the list!

Cheers :slight_smile:

I would really like video upload to twitter so i can get rid of hootsuite please Mp guys

unfortunately that doesn’t work because of the EB, for some reason it crashes it… if they update the EB and update will work we’ll also add it.