VPN for mobile (would IP change?)

I have a great VA (in the Philippines) helping me to do manual comments for my account that is in a pod.

I recently passed one of my client’s account to my VA to help with her engagement pod. My client freaked out because the account is signed in from the Philippines. She does not mind my VA doing pod comments for her, but she does not want her account to be signed in from the Philippines, although I have explained again and again there is no risk…

I wonder if I can get my VA a VPN for her mobile, but wouldn’t IP address change every time she signs in using VPN (even country is set to the US)? I do not want my client to do verification every time my VA sign in, any help would be appreciated.

Get a proxy from your clients geo location. Pass it to your VA. Your VA uses the proxies to engage with your clients profile from now on, problem solved.

Just as a side note for your own information. Logging into an account from a different IP or geo location can trigger blocks and/or PVs. Hearing that your client is worried, I will highly advice you to watchout.
Get a proxy from her location, issue fixed.

I have proxy for MP that is my client geo location. Unsure how to do that for a phone. Do you know what app I should use?

I only know a few VPN apps I can use for the phone. It allows me to chose the country I want to ‘be in’, but IP changes every time.


Just pass the proxy credentials to your VA. He should setup his phone with the credentials. Loads of easy guides how to online and he/she will be up and running in no time.

I did, but she is unsure where to put it in the phone…

She downloaded something called proxydroid i think, but it would not work unless the phone is rooted.

Would really appreciate your help if you know there is a tutorial somewhere.

Try Every Proxy from playstore. Last time I checked it worked and was super easy to setup and no root needed.

But why does it not give me blocks and EV/PV on my IG app when I travel to different countries? And get different IPs and geolocations?
You need a 4G proxy for it to work :wink:

Go into APN settings on your phone and enter the proxy details there :+1:

Most properly because you are using the same device. Now the trigger points USUALLY are device &/or IP-Geo.
When using a device you have used before and the Algo recognizes you on the device, you will be on the safe side.
If both device and IP/geo suddently changes then you most properly will face the PV/EV issue.

This is not exisiting on some android phones anymore on android 10. I know it doesn’t on Sony devices and some others too.
But if the option is there, it is the easiest way to setup proxy yes :blush:

What is VPN? some kind of program?

What Is VPN - 13 Char

A dedicated proxy (fixed IP proxy) would be the best solution but only if your VA would have used a PC to connect your accounts.

However, for mobile and for one or two accounts, a VPN is the better option. And if you want to have a fixed IP, there are some VPN services offering dedicated IPs as well (I think Nord does it).

So basically, your VA will connect his device -> VPN server (with changing IP) -> Dedicated IP (Fixed IP advertised to websites) -> Internet